plans plans plans

Planning is stressful! Even if it’s for exciting things. I’m slowly in the middle of mapping out a whirlwind trip to visit Jenny. Whirlwind because it’s only shaping up to be 2 weeks. I’m not sure how I came to believe that I could afford to stay any longer, I guess I imagined myself sleeping on the streets or on the floors of all of the friends I’d meet. 

Right now I’m looking into Espana for a week-long getaway for Jen and me, Barcelona or Madrid. Both cities are relatively cheap to fly into from Paris. Chris is also interested in coming if we do indeed plan on going to Spain, it seems it’s one of the few places in Europe he’s yet to set foot in. 

This trip seems to be all I can think about.. but occasionally an [potentially] upcoming trip to Alaska sneaks it’s way in. Chris and his mom are planning on going back to Skagway in August and I really want to go along. Unfortunately, this would quite possibly forfeit a trip home to go to Watervale come July. Bahh.. I’m not sure and need to decide soon.

In other news.. I completed the first hat that I actually like.



it's early, and bright.

it's early, and bright.

Alas, this hat was made for my friend Brenna, so I’ll just have to make one for me another day. Maybe I’ll try a more elaborate rim next time.


2 thoughts on “plans plans plans

  1. Yay knitting! You should come visit me at Twisted 😛

    I’ve always wanted to live for a year in Alaska and take pictures of the crazy lighting. I can’t decide whether or not I’m too much of a wimp.

  2. I might be able to handle a summer there, we talk about it occasionally.. I’m sure after we go we’ll want to stay.
    Coming from Michigan I should have thicker skin.. but I’m slowly becoming a wussface.
    What is this.. Twisted? A store? I should I should! Whatever it is..

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