wanted: self-cleaning apartment

I’m currently willing my apartment to clean itself. It’s not responding the way I’d like it to.

I clean myself -every other day, cats clean themselves, even those dirty dirty gulls that fly in swooping ovals above and around our courtyard every afternoon clean themselves at some point. They must. 

My weak reasoning for not getting off of the couch right now to do it myself is that it’s too cold. It’s too cold because I find myself feeling guilty and frugal when it comes to using too much electricity. My hands are also cracking, I wash them too much I suppose. See! I clean myself a lot.

European adventure planning has come to a halt. Though Chris has kindly reminded me that the sooner I set the dates, the more likely he’ll be able to come.. that’s motivation. The process of planning is definitely slowed by the delay of communicating with someone who’s transatlantic. Frustrating but completely understandable.

One more full day of work tomorrow and then off on Friday. I hope it’s warm.


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