holy middle class batman

Round two of the tulip farm went really well. This time almost all of the bulbs were in bloom. We also got lucky with a little sunshine. Unfortunately this also meant that about a billion more people showed up too.


Though this little girl did lend herself to a decent photograph. After the fact, I wish I’d had the sense to ask her parents for an email to send this to.


If I had the patience I would give every photo a black border. 


Chris, taking [in my opinion..] one of his best photos that day. 


These always fascinate me. Why do they have that crazy fringe? Maybe my mother knows..


These purple beauties remind me of her.



And these are the rest..


We’ve booked a hotel in Bend this weekend for his birthday. I’m hoping for good weather.. and good food. I’m always hoping for good food. 

2 weeks until I leave for Barcelona/Paris.. I’m not ready. That also means 2 weeks until my birthday. 23 sounds pretty old.

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