coming along

Though we did blindly decide to live on the north side of our building, my (our) plants seem to be coming along alright. I don’t blame us for not thinking about sun when we signed the lease, it was mid December and we were in a bit of a rush. 


I’m impressed with the job I did in order to secure this planter to our railing, I should add that Brandon helped. I wasn’t about to risk it falling onto some innocent passerby’s head.. so it faces our bedroom window instead of the rest of the world. This means even less light, so I tried to select some shade-loving types. 


DSC_0174The begonias seem to be doing best. 



The tomatoes are the ones I’m worried about. Last year we had too many.. but we also had a giant plot and hours of sunlight. I bought this patio-friendly variety (Tumbling Tom) as a back-up plan if none of the others flower. Cross your fingers. 


DSC_0180DSC_0189      More edibles. I’m hoping to treat my mom to a salad when she gets here next week. 












Chris is leaving for Indonesia next weekend! I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. There’s a little anxiety, but mostly excited happiness. I’m still basking in my wonderful memories of Spain and France and I’m convinced any travel is good travel so I’ve concluded he’ll have nothing but an amazing time… I just wish I could come. 

I’m planning a short trip to Michigan for Watervale in July. And Chris, Janet and I are heading to Skagway, Alaska in August. 

How did summer become so busy? (not a complaint) 


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