loud donut eating people

With the coming of summer living in downtown Portland has been everything I’d hoped for. Accessibility being the primary reason for moving into this apartment, I also enjoyed the thought of having a large fountain and square right outside our windows. Lovejoy Fountain is a sprawling geometric-y  concrete sculpture.. here, I’ll just post a photo.. sometimes I’m just awful with words. 



It’s beautiful and the constant sound of flowing water is soothing, but little did I know when we moved in that this public park would soon become a public kiddie pool. I’ve only been woken up once or twice by screaming children.. but multiply that by a couple of hot Portland summer months and I’m sure I’ll rethink having any by the time September rolls around, children, that is.

Here is a loud family eating a box full of donuts just moments ago:



Ok.. maybe they aren’t trying to be obnoxious.. maybe it’s just that the square amplifies sound.. maybe I should just smile because it’s actually sunny.. maybe I just really want a donut.


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