magic mothers and whatnot

I dropped my mother off at the airport this morning, I’m still awake after promising myself that I’d nap before work. I suppose there are one or two good things about working in the coffee biz.  I’m tired. I had no idea that spending time with my mom could wear me out. We kept our schedule pretty packed though.. and in truth it only lasted 4 full days.

I love having her here. And I’m really excited to go back to Michigan in a few weeks. 

It was only after getting home from the airport that I realized that my apartment had been transformed.. in a very very good way (mothers seem to have that magical ability). The kitchen was a bit messy, but it had been used! – we roasted chicken, potatoes and carrots Tuesday night. My laundry basket was completely empty with clean clothes in neatly folded piles in the bedroom. And in the corner by the window where a giant disorganized pile of my crafty goods had been collecting dust now stands a small (but sturdy) desk housing a brand spankin new sewing machine! I can’t stop staring at it. Ahh how did I get so lucky?

Well off to work.. but here are a few photos of a day at the Japanese & Rose Gardens. 


DSC_0008I love those hands and I hope mine look like that someday.















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