mount hood mamma

On my mom’s last day here we took a trek around Mt. Hood. 

DSC_0121 We stopped at the overlook in Sandy.. after which she asked, “Are we going to go any closer?”


DSC_0124Lunch at Mt. Hood Brewery?? I think that’s the correct name..

Regardless, it’s in Government Camp.








Isn’t she adorable?








As high as we could go.





DSC_0134I told her all the cool kids were doing it.







The view from Timberline.



















The mountain and me. 





From the other side. 

Parkdale, OR


Again, it was so nice having her here. I’m so excited to see most of my family in a couple weeks when I head back to the Mitten for our annual Watervale trip. I wish there was a way for Chris to come.. I suppose there’s always next year.. [I think I said that last year.. hmm]

Speaking of Chris, he’ll be arriving home from the other side of the world this MONDAY. The apartment has been pretty peaceful without him, but I’ve had enough peace and quiet. I’m ready for video games and the late night plaid pantry runs.

I went camping this past weekend.. hopefully photos will surface over the next couple days. 



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