rain and twins

Don’t get me wrong, I love rain. L-O-V-E, love rain. Some of the most vivid memories of my childhood are of thunderstorms. Universe-shaking, still-talking-about-it-twenty-years-later type storms at my grandparents’ Everglade home and swift-moving Michigan downpours watched from the safety of our screened-in porch are two of my “happy places”, I go there often. But Portland, oooh Portland, you’re turning rain against me. This isn’t the rain I know and love. It’s of a different breed. It’s weak and nagging, persistent and boring. It’s making me miss warm, summer days like this one.


All I need is a little more gusto Lady Portland. A lightening strike here, a little rumble of thunder there. It really doesn’t seem too difficult.

Also, I happened upon this blog post. Though most are adorable and inspiring, some are eerily posed and make these twin humans look like twin aliens. I’m pretty sure that aliens can have twin siblings too.


4 thoughts on “rain and twins

  1. Alex — I thought I’d heard it too! But I wrote it off as a passing dump truck (living downtown does that to you, I can’t wait to have a yard again). And the universe is easily manipulated in Florida. You’ve been to Disney World, right?

    Lindsay — Yes yes, the rain here is cool.. most of the time. I just need to be frightened a little bit. We’re house hunting right now and it seems that nothing compares to the HIllsdale house.

    Eliz — Indeed. Dead aliens.

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