apron apron apron what a funny word

i’m almost finished with my mother’s christmas present. it’s a froofy apron, she picked out the fabric months ago. i’m betting that she forgot all about this project. i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t read this, so it won’t ruin the surprise. and even if she did see this, she’d act surprised anyway because that’s what mothers do. this is the first time i’ve had to use a pattern and it’s gone pretty smoothly, only one or two hiccups.


2 thoughts on “apron apron apron what a funny word

  1. I went to an apron exhibit a few months ago. About 150 aprons were on display and it was very interesting to see the changes in style though the years. Both a full apron style (like the one you are making) as well as half aprons.

    The oldest apron was made around the time of World War One (from Poland?) and they spanned the years after that, right up to the 50’s and 60’s (and maybe later?).
    They showed the use of a “new” adjustable plastic band (replacing the ties which are usually seen on aprons). Some had embroidery; others were smocked. One showed the effect of respectable women first wearing trousers – the apron was not a skirt style, it had two separate “legs” to protect one’s pantlegs!

    I was told they constituted about a third of the collection of one lady. She had been buying aprons to cut up and use, but decided she liked what she had been cutting up too much.

    I wonder if anyone has written a thesis on the change of apron styles?

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