I use quotation marks because it’s really nothing close to a studio. It’s a tiny area of our already cramped living room. I often have to rearrange furniture just to be able to pull out the chair at my desk to sit down. But, I love it. It’s mine, all mine.

3 thoughts on ““studio”

  1. OMG!! You’re blog is beautiful, how did you get such a nice layout, etc.??? Also I love the subject matter. But for realsies. How come it’s so nice?

  2. Oh, hi! I didn’t see this comment until now. Umm.. it’s just a WordPress layout.. Andreas09. I did change the color to gray and all of the fonts to my liking. I wish I could customize the header with a photo.. but until I’m willing to pay for a blog, I’ll just have to wait I suppose.

    Do I know you in real life?

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