contests are fun!

I’m entering a photo contest. Originally I had an exclamation point at the end of that sentence but then I realized that it’s really not very exciting. Maybe if I’d said “I landed an amazing job as Annie Leibovitz’s assistant and part-time best friend!”, or “I won a photo contest!”, it would warrant an exclamation point. I’ll try to keep my exaggerations to a minimum.

The categories are Far Away Places, Making Waves & Celebrating Oregon. Here they are in that order:

Barcelona, May 2009

Barcelona, May 2009

Paris, May 2009


Northern Michigan, Lower Herring Lake, July 2009

Lake Michigan, July 2009


Sandy River Overlook, August 2009

Cannon Beach, October 2009

Newport, March 2009

I kind of went with my gut on all of these. None were my ultimate favorites when I started browsing my files, but they’re growing on me. I hope they grow on the judges too. The grand prize is a trip to Hawaii, but I’m hoping for an honorable mention… or maybe 3rd prize so that I can get a gift certificate.. or maybe that the contest is flooded with soccer moms and point-and-shoots and that I win EVERYTHING!!! Ha.. um, wish me luck! Also, cross your fingers that we get this house that we’ve recently applied for.. ahh I hope I hope I hope..


6 thoughts on “contests are fun!

  1. Thanks. We were there until my fingers were about to fall off, it was almost completely dark and very cold. Maybe that’s the trick (the dark, not the cold). I didn’t have a tripod like all of the other photographers that night, but a high ISO setting helped.

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