plotting and planning

We’re going on a trip!

We’ve been planning it for months but began physically plotting it out just recently. Yeah, yeah I have a GPS for my car, but isn’t it so much more fun to attempt to fold and unfold a giant map of the United States in the front seat of a tiny convertible?

Chris has done most of the plotting using orange for the quickest route, with pink indicating where we could take little (or big) detours.

We’ll start off heading up to Montana for a week with Chris’ family on Ashley Lake, visiting Yellowstone along the way.

Then we’ll quite literally race towards Michigan, hopefully stopping in Chicago for a dinner at Alinea!!!

After about a week and a half of family in Michigan, we’ll head down to my Papa Lew’s house in Tennessee!

Which will be followed by some excellent BBQ…

On to Denver!

Through some southwest hotspots…

Possibly through San Diego and LA (can you believe I’ve never been?) and up through BIG SUR (one of my favorite places on earth!) and San Francisco, with a quick trip to Yosemite to walk in Ansel’s footsteps. And then, finally, home again, home again.

I intend to blog the entire time too! We’ll be leaving in early July, coming back about a month later. I’m hoping for ideal “top down” weather and I’d appreciate a crossing of your fingers in that department too.

Now, apparently, I must fill out my March Madness bracket.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


5 thoughts on “plotting and planning

  1. I miss roadtrips (dogs make them way less fun since they apparently don’t like to stay in the car all day while you do stuff.) If you’re going through Wisconsin, you absolutely should go to the House on the Rock. It’ll take a few hours but it is just… indescribable. It’s like a maze through an acid trip mixed with vintage childhood dreams/nightmares, only better. Easily the awesomest thing I’ve ever done.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I look forward to stumbling across little pockets of insanity and this one seems too close to our route to miss. Speaking of nightmares, have you guys made it down to the Enchanted Forest yet? It’s kind of a rip-off… but worth at least one trip.

  3. I’m green with envy.

    I’ve never been on a roadtrip.

    Oh and one last thing:::

    Chicago you say?!?!?! Eat at XOCO for breakfast. Best breakfast ever.

  4. Zach and I brought an old national geographic map of Mexico with us on our trip, and it was wonderful folding and unfolding it along the way. It gives you a great sense of how far you’ve traveled, and it will help you remember all the little detour highways that you took better. We also put stars on the cities where we had some of the best meals. I think I’m just a huge map nerd too.
    I’m stoked for you guys!

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