Buhhph. We’re finally in. There are still a million boxes to be emptied and a trillion things to organize, but we’re in. This doesn’t mean that we’re completely out of the old apartment, there are still many little odds and ends to be gathered and the place needs a good all-over clean, BUT… this weekend is the end of our lease. Good thing I thought ahead and took some time off of work for those last few days… oh wait…

Grape Hyacinth, Sage & Spanish Bluebells

I found these lovelies sprinkled around the new house. I wish all of the perennials were tagged so that I could know which plants to leave in the ground. There are lots of dandelions and some prickly blackberry starts dotting both the front and back yards, I have my hands full. Speaking of nuisances, we’re combating wasps (yellow jackets to be exact) at our new place at the moment. Any suggestions?

It’s days like today that remind me that Oregon’s weather is close to perfection…


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  1. For the Yellow Jackets: Get a can of Raid for Yellow Jackets. Find where their nest is. Wait until night time when they’re all asleep in the nest. Spray the Raid. Have a Yellow Jacket funeral. Don’t waste your time trying to do any “all natural” remedies or anything because they probably won’t work. Raid rules.

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