What a month..

My adorable mother and sis came to visit for Mother’s Day.

Then I had a very fun birthday week involving sweet sweet friends and faaantastic weather (which has since disappeared! hello 55 degrees… ugh).

I’m slowly but surely beautifying the insides and outsides of our house.

It’s tough to commit time and money to a place that you might only spend a year in, but I’m determined to make our backyard a very pretty hangout spot. While walking (ok, creeping) by a neighbors house the other day I saw picture frames hung on the insides of their fenced-in backyard. Does this make sense? Anyway, it seemed that they were just frames picked up at a Goodwill, some were empty and others framed cheesy prints. I love the idea and am brainstorming ways to waterproof some photos or fabric or something… anything to enhance the privacy fencing we have — though I don’t really mind that teal color.. the white part looks pretty dingy up-close.

This is my attempt to lure more wildlife into our backyard. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t worked yet.. but I’m hoping that some finches notice soon.

We also have a resident hummingbird that I’ve named Rodney, he and another male hummer are constantly battling it out over our flowers, I’ll try to get a photo of him soon, I’m sure you’re eager to meet him.



2 thoughts on “may

  1. RODNEY?! That is an awesome name for a hummingbird. Well done. I’ll help you beautify your backyard anytime (as long as it’s, you know, during the weekend). Enlist me, sister.

  2. Well hopefully I can get on setting up a raised bed soon. Guess what?! I have a Saturday off next week! Unheard of! AND Themselves will be at Mississippi Studios that night! Maybe we can do some beautifying that day…

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