bahamian wedding

Last weekend Chris and I went on a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS! But more importantly we went to celebrate the wedding of my dear dear eldest honeybee cousin Robbie. She married Hunter in style on a colorfully decorated dock surrounded by waves. It…was….magical…

I never knew seersucker could look so dapper.

Yes, that’s my grandfather decked out in island attire.


We had such a good time with my family and their friends.. a weekend was just too short. I think they should plan to renew their vows annually… did someone say week-long Mediterranean cruise?


2 thoughts on “bahamian wedding

  1. I love the colors (and emotional impact) you achieved in the next to last photo, where the couple is kissing. I’m also intrigued by the bride’s maid, holding the flowers, looking down, with a slight, sweet smile. Very special.

  2. Hello beautiful!
    Your photos are fantastic! I LOVE the shot of ‘the princess’ and Hunter kissing….
    Amazing shot! Caressa misses you and Jenny so much! Everyday she says she wants
    to go see you both. What a great trip it was…so wonderful to spend time with
    you and your wonderful family. Look forward to many more memories….
    Love to you and Chris….

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