Thomas O’Toole, our trusty tour guide. What a gem.


One thought on “thomas

  1. I love your photos, they are beautiful! I happened to type in Thomas O’Toole’s name for a reason. I met him as my tour guide back in 2003 and became friends, like pen pals. I write, and send him cards to that cold desolate island. LOL We exchange xmas cards. I thought I’d let you know that Thomas passed away this May 31st, 2014. I just came upon this information myself tonight. I was shocked. I knew he had been ill through the years, but kept bouncing back. He was the best tour guide I have ever had, and was so much fun! I am from MA, and I go to Ireland each year. I was very sad to see this tonight! I know where he is buried. He brought me once to the ruin church, where the Roman soldiers are buried, that never got off that Island. His wife is buried there, and he was going to someday be buried there. You have a cute site.

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