the perfect pajamas.

i almost just bought all of this over at Madewell..

but then i realized that i was about to spend $80 on stuff that i already wear, every. single. day.
time for some real people clothes, Cat.

regardless.. there’s a killer sale going on at both Madewell & J. Crew.. (30 & 40% off of sale items… respectively, eeeeee).. do it to it ladies & gents.


(i think it’s pretty pathetic that i never post about clothes or fashion, etc and when I finally do it’s about pajamas..)


2 thoughts on “almost

  1. I have such an issue with buying pajamas. I can’t seem to spend that much money on pajamas so I usually end up buying them on sale or just whatever is cheap. Love all those, wish I could have one of each.

  2. I should make it clear that I’ve NEVER spent this much on pajamas… 🙂 even though I’d love to.
    To be completely honest, my favorite pjs came from the Gap during an insane sale. I snatched up the XXL shirt that no one else wanted. It’s basically a dress on me, but totally worth the $4.99.

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