tonight was pretty magical.

after a long barefoot day in 75 degrees and sun, i didn’t think it could get much better. i measured (in Cat steps) & staked-out where our raised beds will go, cleaned out some window boxes for herbs, made list after revised list of seeds and starts to buy, read and sat in the sun until i could feel my skin tighten and re-filled my mother’s precious bird feeders (because “they’re probably starving!”).. that’s it, that’s all i did. no hospital, no school — it was near perfect.

as the sun started to set I found myself in an empty house. it was strange and lonely. in the summer, on warm nights like this, we all sit together on the front porch drinking wine while we watch the show. i grabbed my favorite Pendleton and a coffee cup filled with whatever was re-corked and sitting on the counter.

turn your volume up, spring is so amazing and loud. don’t miss the bats.

i wish you would’ve been there.

oh, and that shaky part at the end? a mosquito was attached to my palm.. and a few more were on my feet. MY FEET.


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