i got my camera back tonight.

it’s nearly impossible to see the stars in Portland. this isn’t due to smog or constant cloud-cover (contrary to common midwestern thought: no, it’s not always raining and overcast..), but rather due to light pollution. Portland was probably the brightest city I’ve ever lived in.. Lakeland, Michigan on the other hand isn’t necessarily the darkest homestead (Big Sur obviously takes the cake..).. but I’m still generally in a constant state of awe. i missed you guys.


3 thoughts on “…..

    • With this warmer weather I’ve been experimenting a little bit. I’ve yet to try with a tripod because I’m simply too lazy to lug it out of the house, but I’m sure that will help.

      Is Travis growing food this season? I ran into Aaron on Eastern’s campus the other day. We should all hang out sometime and you and I can talk technique.

      • You got those WITHOUT a tripod? Whoa.

        Travis is too busy cooking food to grow it, but Chelsea maybe-probably-almost approved important chicken legislature, so they might be in our future. Yay. We should definitely all hang out! Have you met Aaron’s new ladyfriend? She’s a neat gal.

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