as you might have gathered, i had the privilege of photographing a wedding that we hosted at the B&B a little over a week ago..

this family was beautiful & charming, every single member… so the photographing was made easy– we also had amazing weather for Michigan in early April.. no complaints here!

that said — being the control freak that i am, i drove myself nearly insane running up and down flights of stairs, checking to make sure the food that i’d prepped was coming out correctly — did they remember to add the herbs to the kids pizzas? did the spinach ever get de-stemmed? will they set up an ice bath to shock the haricot verts after they’ve been blanched??? because i will have an aneurysm if -god forbid- we serve army-green green beans..

the next wedding i’m involved in i will have little to do with the food – and for this i am grateful. just photos, and dancing, and DRINKING with my dear dear friends. i learned my lesson, folks.

[[correction: I suppose this isn’t entirely true as the VERY next few weddings I’ll be involved in I’ll actually be scrambling around with lighting equipment in hand, assisting a VERY talented professional duo.. but that’s for another post]]

i am SO close to the end of editing.. between wrapping up classes this week and some family stuff, I haven’t been able to devote the kind of time i had planned to this.. less than 50 photos remain though! i see the light…


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