this morning

we attempted to go to Selma Cafe today for breakfast, but showed up a little too late… next time we’ll be there bright and early. [[click the link, this project is so awesome]]
little C was expecting chocolate chip pancakes because that was on the menu at Selma, so we ended up at Afternoon Delight..

she had a ‘tude when we sat down.. perhaps she’s taking after her Auntie, I get so grumpy when I’m hungry.

we played dress-up while we impatiently waited..

hands poised as if she’s casting a spell.. invoking her mama’s hands to move faster

the weather is simply awesome today, we walked around a bit after breakfast and i had a flashback to summer a few years ago when I lived in Ann Arbor..

after most of the students leave in May, Ann Arborites adopt a slightly slower pace. Parking is easier to come by, coffee shops are much quieter and welcoming, sidewalk and patio seating is available nearly everywhere.. even while working all summer, I felt like I was on vacation..

[[oh my goodness i’m sitting in the Ann Arbor Library and I was just asked out on a date by a man who must have been in his late 60s… really?? REALLY? with that.. I’m outta here..]]


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