after months of hesitation — majorly rooted in the thought that most of my heart still beats in the northwest — i’ve officially committed to running the bed & breakfast here in Michigan next season..

with the big decision made, i’m starting to turn my focus to the act of curating..

(oh, and the act of budgeting for my salary→→→$$$)

it’s been too long

i didn’t take many photos on my portland trip with my real camera.. so instagram will suffice:

perhaps my favorite photo from my favorite day.

moments before the best meal.

my favorite camping trip, ever.

post-tattoo wine guzzling on the bluffs.

a great start to my second favorite day.

→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →

since my return life has been far from sleepy, but these are a few of the quiet moments:

kombucha nightcapping while solo sunsetting

the other lake

burns park, party of one

i’ve found myself in a few too many diners lately..

and i’ve spent far too little time outside..


we’re building up the reserves for a trip to Lake Michigan next month, we’ll be brewing our second batch this week in a few days. dad always taught us to be prepared.

willy wonka in the park last night

& yesterday’s rain


we had a lovely surprise today at the cabin when one of J’s nurses brought little 5-week-old Winston by. she joked about leaving a baby in the car.. and when we figured out what kind, i bolted outside.

apparently Winston was being bullied by some larger pigs, so she’s fostering him until he can stand up for himself. in the meantime, like she does with all of her other piglet fosters, she plans to leash-train him and teach him tricks (“play dead” is a favorite, rather appropriately..)–  … and then she probably eats them.

she told a story about a particularly mean piglet that was rather nippy.. they decided to take a marker to him and draw the different  cuts of meat so they could taunt him about how big and tasty his hams were getting. genius.

what a day

We’ve waited three long, trying, terrible months for this.

We’re not exactly sleeping soundly tonight, but we’re all under the same roof.. and right now, I can’t ask for more.

John’s friends, neighbors and employees have been nothing short of amazing. For the last week while we impatiently watched his discharge date get pushed further and further back.. these people were ready and waiting to drop everything and come over with their signs and songs (yes, songs). The enthusiasm that they show for him is just a reflection of the light he shines on all of us. We’re so glad he’s home.

summer eves

sometimes there just aren’t enough hours. impatiently waiting for the long days of summer..



[remember when i lived within a few minutes of sauvie island, where blackberry bushes grow like dandelion? and where we’d sneak into peach orchards after-hours and steal not-quite-ripe fruit?]


i’ve been daydreaming and nightdreaming about this beach

while walking on this beach

i’ve been oversleeping, constantly running 15 minutes late..

i’ve been drinking a lot of this

while doing lots of this

i showed my pops some good, local eats

and passed this building 10 too many times

i’ve been hanging out with this little bunny

and these big smelly bunnies

oh and i’ve colored more princesses than my feminist-leaning self can properly handle..

all photos via Instagram

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as you might have gathered, i had the privilege of photographing a wedding that we hosted at the B&B a little over a week ago..

this family was beautiful & charming, every single member… so the photographing was made easy– we also had amazing weather for Michigan in early April.. no complaints here!

that said — being the control freak that i am, i drove myself nearly insane running up and down flights of stairs, checking to make sure the food that i’d prepped was coming out correctly — did they remember to add the herbs to the kids pizzas? did the spinach ever get de-stemmed? will they set up an ice bath to shock the haricot verts after they’ve been blanched??? because i will have an aneurysm if -god forbid- we serve army-green green beans..

the next wedding i’m involved in i will have little to do with the food – and for this i am grateful. just photos, and dancing, and DRINKING with my dear dear friends. i learned my lesson, folks.

[[correction: I suppose this isn’t entirely true as the VERY next few weddings I’ll be involved in I’ll actually be scrambling around with lighting equipment in hand, assisting a VERY talented professional duo.. but that’s for another post]]

i am SO close to the end of editing.. between wrapping up classes this week and some family stuff, I haven’t been able to devote the kind of time i had planned to this.. less than 50 photos remain though! i see the light…

evening walk

today was a rare day of nothing. this morning i slept in, the thumping of little feet woke me around 9. by the afternoon the house was hushed and still. all i did was edit photos, read and cook.

life will slowly get more hectic over the next few weeks. a new part-time gig, the completion of the raised beds/mini-hoops, chickens, a trip to the east coast to see some of my dearests, john’s eventual homecoming..

i find myself in the middle of big change, an evolution of mind and spirit. it’s strange to be aware of it… trying not to fight it. i keep looking to the past for comfort, but it’s gone.

so it goes..

edit edit edit

what an insane weekend. lots of movin’ and shakin’ – mainly very good things.. but so much to do made me feel a little old. i found myself completely exhausted a few times over the past 4 days.. she ain’t what she used to be..

so tomorrow = mimosa monday… because i didn’t get a weekend.
that’s called “self care”, right?