after months of hesitation — majorly rooted in the thought that most of my heart still beats in the northwest — i’ve officially committed to running the bed & breakfast here in Michigan next season..

with the big decision made, i’m starting to turn my focus to the act of curating..

(oh, and the act of budgeting for my salary→→→$$$)


summer eves

sometimes there just aren’t enough hours. impatiently waiting for the long days of summer..



[remember when i lived within a few minutes of sauvie island, where blackberry bushes grow like dandelion? and where we’d sneak into peach orchards after-hours and steal not-quite-ripe fruit?]


i’ve been daydreaming and nightdreaming about this beach

while walking on this beach

i’ve been oversleeping, constantly running 15 minutes late..

i’ve been drinking a lot of this

while doing lots of this

i showed my pops some good, local eats

and passed this building 10 too many times

i’ve been hanging out with this little bunny

and these big smelly bunnies

oh and i’ve colored more princesses than my feminist-leaning self can properly handle..

all photos via Instagram

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the beds will hopefully be finished today..

.. conveniently it’s Saturday and the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market was hoppin’.. we stopped by after breakfast with J at the hospital and nearly bought two of everything from Frog Holler Organic Farm — isn’t that name pretty perfect? they boast a drool-worthy internship.. perhaps in another life..

this is me – a little too excited with my new kids.

edit edit edit

what an insane weekend. lots of movin’ and shakin’ – mainly very good things.. but so much to do made me feel a little old. i found myself completely exhausted a few times over the past 4 days.. she ain’t what she used to be..

so tomorrow = mimosa monday… because i didn’t get a weekend.
that’s called “self care”, right?

busy week

it rained, a lot.

then this happened.

we started something.

and i finished some things.

Oso got even more weird.

i auditioned for Roseanne.

and staple-hammered SO much chicken wire.

i perfected naptime.

walked in the sun.

and ate really good food.


i realize instagram photos are cop-outs (you don’t need to yell at me CRL).. but this week has been straight-up insane. and it’s only Thursday.. today is pretty packed – school and volunteering (cooking at a church, jesus christ).. and Saturday we’re hosting & catering a wedding, which I’m photographing.. after which I will race to downtown Detroit to meet my pops and sister for our FIRST TIGERS GAME..

life just chugs along, whether i like it or not. i’m glad i’ve decided to start participating, but i still feel the same about being “home”.

perhaps a vacation is in order.. May is just around the corner.

Good Morning.

It’s finally feeling like spring, I just watched a dense fog creep across the lake towards us.. it’s chilly and sprinkling. A whole french press was needed to convince me to head out to the farmers market this morning.

lake house living

i’ve had the luxury of enjoying some lazy mornings at the cabin lately. with this awesome weather (mid-70s?!) I often park it on the deck in the sun (i’m working on the most amazing farmer’s tan..). this morning is a bit overcast but it’s plenty warm enough to have all the windows and doors open. neighbors are burning leaves and cutting grass, it smells like spring. pontoon boats are already chuggin’ around the lake at 10am… proof that Michiganders know how to take advantage of decent weather. i feel very lucky in this moment.

now i must go try to convince my step-brother to take himself and his broken rib to the hospital… we’ve surely had enough of that place, but i think most of you would agree that motorcycle crashes aren’t something to ignore. boys will be boys, even when they’re 40…


i slurped down this Bloody at a southern bistro, The Kingfish Cafe, in Seattle last September. It did me a world of good after a long night topped off by the most delicious seattle dog ever.

Lately I’ve had an intense mid-winter craving for something fresh and this would totally hit the motha effin spot.

Something tells me it’ll be a bit more difficult to find a decent Bloody Mary in Ann Arbor… Portlanders are so spoiled.


this afternoon i was determined to make a smoothie. a green smoothie.

and while shuffling through my mother’s cabinets… i stumble upon this bad boy:

the VitaMix is not your average blender. this puppy is going to make spinach and kale and chard (and other really good things that i don’t particularly like to snack on) my bitches.

so this afternoon i blended:

+a few handfulls of spinach

+a pint of strawberries (tops on! because we all know where most of the nutrients are held..!!)

+a peeled orange

+a little bit of orange juice

+a couple spoonfuls of honey (raw! local!)

+oh, and water.

it looked a little scary, but i made everyone try it. my mom said, “IT TASTES LIKE SPRING!”



Well because we all love beer so much, my sister and I bought our dad a brew kit for Christmas. It was clearly a present for all of us.

We bottled today. It should be ready just in time for Jen’s boyfriend’s (HI SIMON!) arrival in two weeks.

Fingers crossed.


OH, also: a fine friend recently pointed out to me that I have zero excuse to be posting so many iphone photos lately..

because i got this for Christmas..

i’ll get better about that, promise.