our people on their days

going through the photos from my sister’s bestfriend’s wedding has been a slow process. mostly due to vacations and little free time.. but partly due to the feelings that come with it. this shit is making me feel old. O.A.F.

remembering summers spent at their dad’s, living in the pool, and countless movie nights in their mother’s basement…. and now we’re getting married. so glad we found these good people so long ago.



we had a lovely surprise today at the cabin when one of J’s nurses brought little 5-week-old Winston by. she joked about leaving a baby in the car.. and when we figured out what kind, i bolted outside.

apparently Winston was being bullied by some larger pigs, so she’s fostering him until he can stand up for himself. in the meantime, like she does with all of her other piglet fosters, she plans to leash-train him and teach him tricks (“play dead” is a favorite, rather appropriately..)–  … and then she probably eats them.

she told a story about a particularly mean piglet that was rather nippy.. they decided to take a marker to him and draw the different  cuts of meat so they could taunt him about how big and tasty his hams were getting. genius.

busy week

it rained, a lot.

then this happened.

we started something.

and i finished some things.

Oso got even more weird.

i auditioned for Roseanne.

and staple-hammered SO much chicken wire.

i perfected naptime.

walked in the sun.

and ate really good food.


i realize instagram photos are cop-outs (you don’t need to yell at me CRL).. but this week has been straight-up insane. and it’s only Thursday.. today is pretty packed – school and volunteering (cooking at a church, jesus christ).. and Saturday we’re hosting & catering a wedding, which I’m photographing.. after which I will race to downtown Detroit to meet my pops and sister for our FIRST TIGERS GAME..

life just chugs along, whether i like it or not. i’m glad i’ve decided to start participating, but i still feel the same about being “home”.

perhaps a vacation is in order.. May is just around the corner.

little bunny


via my Instagram

this little bunny is probably the only thing keeping us sane at the moment. in a house full of sadness, her laugh is contagious. the way she (so simply) makes connections about cause and effect & why things happen teaches us so much. many times throughout the day while my sister and I are watching and listening to her, we find each other’s eyes and sort of shrug and nod in agreement. the way she sees the world around her is so simple- obvious and certain.

when did i lose that sight?


my sister’s really-awesome-i-wish-he-lived-here boyfriend is returning to London today and we’re all pretty bummed about it so i thought i’d post the last little bits of our June trip.

he surely won’t be returning to sunny days like these, but London probably trumps southeastern Michigan on most days. (for example, i hear they actually have snow right now.. what is with this weather??? pseudo-springtime is freaking me out)

These were taken last summer at a giant concert at Hyde Park in London. It was a chilly June day and I remember taking cover under a tree just prior to the gates opening. Don’t fret, we had whiskey and gin to keep us warm.

The Vaccines, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, and Arcade Fire played. I’m not a huge fan of outdoor venues, but the line-up made it worthwhile. More photos to come perhaps..


Well because we all love beer so much, my sister and I bought our dad a brew kit for Christmas. It was clearly a present for all of us.

We bottled today. It should be ready just in time for Jen’s boyfriend’s (HI SIMON!) arrival in two weeks.

Fingers crossed.


OH, also: a fine friend recently pointed out to me that I have zero excuse to be posting so many iphone photos lately..

because i got this for Christmas..

i’ll get better about that, promise.


i want to go back to this night.. our best meal in Ireland some months ago.

the food was leaps and bounds above anything else we had eaten on the trip.. and i was only disappointed that we were leaving the next morning and that we couldn’t come back for breakfast. the atmosphere and accoutrements were classic but art-funky.

go to their site: Ard Bia at Nimmo’s, you’ll understand.



jennifer rose and guinness & beef stew on inishmore

i’m a terrible blogger.

i’m cold and it’s raining. the furnace just kicked on and i started thinking about the last time i was this cold. we were in ireland, on a day trip through connemara. it rained the entire time, but i got off the bus at every stop. it was just too green and wet and pretty to miss. you underStand.