it’s been too long

i didn’t take many photos on my portland trip with my real camera.. so instagram will suffice:

perhaps my favorite photo from my favorite day.

moments before the best meal.

my favorite camping trip, ever.

post-tattoo wine guzzling on the bluffs.

a great start to my second favorite day.

→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →

since my return life has been far from sleepy, but these are a few of the quiet moments:

kombucha nightcapping while solo sunsetting

the other lake

burns park, party of one

i’ve found myself in a few too many diners lately..

and i’ve spent far too little time outside..


we’re building up the reserves for a trip to Lake Michigan next month, we’ll be brewing our second batch this week in a few days. dad always taught us to be prepared.

willy wonka in the park last night

& yesterday’s rain

a solo morning walk

my birthday is a week from today. i’ll be spending it cooking for the people i love most — because it also happens to be Mother’s Day.. and right now i live with two very awesome mothers..

two weeks later i hope to properly celebrate by giving myself this gift, again:

summer eves

sometimes there just aren’t enough hours. impatiently waiting for the long days of summer..



[remember when i lived within a few minutes of sauvie island, where blackberry bushes grow like dandelion? and where we’d sneak into peach orchards after-hours and steal not-quite-ripe fruit?]

another life; last spring

i’ve spent so much time this month wishing i could go back.

back to people, back to places.. back to conversations and decisive moments. sometimes i wish for change, sometimes i simply wish i could go back to watch the minutes unfold, re-experiencing them to gather a little more understanding.

what a waste of time. i am where i am. i did what i did. i’ve got what i’ve got. it is what it is.

my favorite spring flower won’t show it’s face around here until May. maybe it’s time to start looking forward..

>>panty party part II<<

With two more gentlemen added to this already eclectic group, I found myself nervously driving out to the coast on Friday night. How can you have a panty party with so much testosterone? Will they laugh during our seance and subsequent tarot card reading? Can I still pee with the door open? Does Brandon even know how to french-braid? We didn’t have an apron-only game of Apples to Apples, but we managed.

A few photos from our Lincoln City retreat a few weeks ago.

the morning after:

we were all on struggle street just a little bit.. but you would’ve been too if you had been there. we also all smelled like chlorine.

this is how Saturday evening started:

i should’ve known how it would end.

look at that KD pout.

making fraaaaands

praising the Karaoke gods

oh, Liberator

best dance partner


and as we stumbled back to the cabin, we planned our attack on the neighbor’s hot tub…

hey guys, let’s go back. how does May sound?

daytime beach photos soon. polaroids are here.


i should be sleeping. but i just can’t help it.. Pacific Standard Time still has a hold of me.

did you see the moon tonight? she was so so bright.. and not even full yet. standing out in my backyard i could see branches, buds(!!! too soon?) and the tiny details of our treehouse. “look here” she says, “look, here.” such a powerful force, pulling us back to the smallest facets of our lives that matter most.

my birthday is in two months (what? really?), i’d like a tablet please.

some favorites.

it seems like i’m rarely on this side of the polaroid. i’m obviously a little rough around the edges after our last night at the beach, but thanks amber.

film troubles, but this one still came out as one of my favorites. (PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S OF KATEY & JORIE):

intense winds ripped the backing off of two (2!) shots before i took this one:

i myself nearly fell off of the railing with a few gusts (what kind of idiot stands on a railing at Vista House on the most blustery day she’s ever seen?)..i think i would’ve broken a little more than my camera.


and this one was the ONE. serendipity, a happy accident. waterfall & log cabin.