what a day

We’ve waited three long, trying, terrible months for this.

We’re not exactly sleeping soundly tonight, but we’re all under the same roof.. and right now, I can’t ask for more.

John’s friends, neighbors and employees have been nothing short of amazing. For the last week while we impatiently watched his discharge date get pushed further and further back.. these people were ready and waiting to drop everything and come over with their signs and songs (yes, songs). The enthusiasm that they show for him is just a reflection of the light he shines on all of us. We’re so glad he’s home.



i got my camera back tonight.

it’s nearly impossible to see the stars in Portland. this isn’t due to smog or constant cloud-cover (contrary to common midwestern thought: no, it’s not always raining and overcast..), but rather due to light pollution. Portland was probably the brightest city I’ve ever lived in.. Lakeland, Michigan on the other hand isn’t necessarily the darkest homestead (Big Sur obviously takes the cake..).. but I’m still generally in a constant state of awe. i missed you guys.


tonight was pretty magical.

after a long barefoot day in 75 degrees and sun, i didn’t think it could get much better. i measured (in Cat steps) & staked-out where our raised beds will go, cleaned out some window boxes for herbs, made list after revised list of seeds and starts to buy, read and sat in the sun until i could feel my skin tighten and re-filled my mother’s precious bird feeders (because “they’re probably starving!”).. that’s it, that’s all i did. no hospital, no school — it was near perfect.

as the sun started to set I found myself in an empty house. it was strange and lonely. in the summer, on warm nights like this, we all sit together on the front porch drinking wine while we watch the show. i grabbed my favorite Pendleton and a coffee cup filled with whatever was re-corked and sitting on the counter.

turn your volume up, spring is so amazing and loud. don’t miss the bats.

i wish you would’ve been there.

oh, and that shaky part at the end? a mosquito was attached to my palm.. and a few more were on my feet. MY FEET.


the perfect pajamas.

i almost just bought all of this over at Madewell..

but then i realized that i was about to spend $80 on stuff that i already wear, every. single. day.
time for some real people clothes, Cat.

regardless.. there’s a killer sale going on at both Madewell & J. Crew.. (30 & 40% off of sale items… respectively, eeeeee).. do it to it ladies & gents.


(i think it’s pretty pathetic that i never post about clothes or fashion, etc and when I finally do it’s about pajamas..)


i want to go back to this night.. our best meal in Ireland some months ago.

the food was leaps and bounds above anything else we had eaten on the trip.. and i was only disappointed that we were leaving the next morning and that we couldn’t come back for breakfast. the atmosphere and accoutrements were classic but art-funky.

go to their site: Ard Bia at Nimmo’s, you’ll understand.




one of my favorite photographers/bloggers bonnie tsang posted about a family breakfast at one of my favorite places in the world, Deetjens, in Big Sur.

the idea of zipping down the coast for a little r&r breakfast time simply makes me salivate.

maybe after the michigan intermission i’ve planned for this winter and spring i should attempt to plan for another stint in Big Sur..

“Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy and love or some sort of girl by a fireside, why not go to your desire and LAUGH…”

-Jack Kerouac, Big Sur, 1962