after months of hesitation — majorly rooted in the thought that most of my heart still beats in the northwest — i’ve officially committed to running the bed & breakfast here in Michigan next season..

with the big decision made, i’m starting to turn my focus to the act of curating..

(oh, and the act of budgeting for my salary→→→$$$)



the beds will hopefully be finished today..

.. conveniently it’s Saturday and the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market was hoppin’.. we stopped by after breakfast with J at the hospital and nearly bought two of everything from Frog Holler Organic Farm — isn’t that name pretty perfect? they boast a drool-worthy internship.. perhaps in another life..

this is me – a little too excited with my new kids.

evening walk

today was a rare day of nothing. this morning i slept in, the thumping of little feet woke me around 9. by the afternoon the house was hushed and still. all i did was edit photos, read and cook.

life will slowly get more hectic over the next few weeks. a new part-time gig, the completion of the raised beds/mini-hoops, chickens, a trip to the east coast to see some of my dearests, john’s eventual homecoming..

i find myself in the middle of big change, an evolution of mind and spirit. it’s strange to be aware of it… trying not to fight it. i keep looking to the past for comfort, but it’s gone.

so it goes..


My aunt Jeanne is my favorite aunt for many reasons. She’s sweet and selfless, worrisome in an endearing way.. always encouraging and enthusiastic. I spent a LOT of time at her house when I was a kid.. there were a couple years in high school when I spent every available evening and weekend there.  “She practically raised you..” — my mom, on the subject.

Jeanne lives on a pretty big piece of property southeast of Ann Arbor. When we were kids they had a pool (with a slide!), a giant field for a backyard (complete with pond and go-karts), and a barn.

The barn had a big hay loft that we would climb in.. Kool-Aid in one hand, a barn kitten in another – I’m not really sure why, nor do I remember how they got back down… The barn also had about 6 stalls that periodically held horses. Spanky, the family pony was the longest running resident. He bucked me off 3 times. We were never really buds. There was a goat named Goaty, he was fun until he started head-butting us down the stairs. Needless to say, it was a place where we ran and biked and swam and skinned our knees.

The barn has certainly seen better days, but I’m excited to report that it might soon be home to a brood of chickens.

This potential chicken coop/stall/room needs a lot of work, mainly patching and securing in order to protect the hens from the multiple raccoons that have taken up residence in the hay loft, but we’re excited.