we had a lovely surprise today at the cabin when one of J’s nurses brought little 5-week-old Winston by. she joked about leaving a baby in the car.. and when we figured out what kind, i bolted outside.

apparently Winston was being bullied by some larger pigs, so she’s fostering him until he can stand up for himself. in the meantime, like she does with all of her other piglet fosters, she plans to leash-train him and teach him tricks (“play dead” is a favorite, rather appropriately..)–  … and then she probably eats them.

she told a story about a particularly mean piglet that was rather nippy.. they decided to take a marker to him and draw the different  cuts of meat so they could taunt him about how big and tasty his hams were getting. genius.


a solo morning walk

my birthday is a week from today. i’ll be spending it cooking for the people i love most — because it also happens to be Mother’s Day.. and right now i live with two very awesome mothers..

two weeks later i hope to properly celebrate by giving myself this gift, again:

what a day

We’ve waited three long, trying, terrible months for this.

We’re not exactly sleeping soundly tonight, but we’re all under the same roof.. and right now, I can’t ask for more.

John’s friends, neighbors and employees have been nothing short of amazing. For the last week while we impatiently watched his discharge date get pushed further and further back.. these people were ready and waiting to drop everything and come over with their signs and songs (yes, songs). The enthusiasm that they show for him is just a reflection of the light he shines on all of us. We’re so glad he’s home.

a great weekend///i’m the luckiest

i set out on a trip this weekend


i woke up friday morning in this adorable and cozy abode

& had a solo brunch at a delicious little spot around the block

i wandered

& wondered

and then i found myself in heaven


we treated ourselves to terrible chick flicks and magnums of mediocre wine

& played tourist

i gave in and drank terrible bloody marys… [Portland, you’ve spoiled me]



on the long way home today, i met the sweetest friend

& found the prettiest blue bird sacrifice

[they were fresh out]

we walked across creeks and battlefields

& i was impressed by the fortitude of wood

i am feeling beyond fortunate tonight.

photos via Instagram

real photos later this week…

the sky tonight

we are very lucky to be snuggly situated between two beautiful lakes here at the cabin. the sun rises up over strawberry lake and sets over bass lake .. some nights are slightly less spectacular, but tonight was full of purples and oranges. this photo was taken well after sunset, but you get the gist:

i think that’s venus still sittin’ pretty in the trees.. a super-thin waxing crescent moon is in there somewhere too..


sometimes i forget how much grayness there is in relationships. blurred lines that flux like spring weather. one day a necessity, the next a fleeting thought. a year.. 6 months.. 8 weeks ago — it’s embarrassing how much my perspective has changed.


a man-friend helped me make this.. you see, i’m just too short for some things. i believe i pulled off the “me” all by myself.

summer eves

sometimes there just aren’t enough hours. impatiently waiting for the long days of summer..



[remember when i lived within a few minutes of sauvie island, where blackberry bushes grow like dandelion? and where we’d sneak into peach orchards after-hours and steal not-quite-ripe fruit?]

this morning

we attempted to go to Selma Cafe today for breakfast, but showed up a little too late… next time we’ll be there bright and early. [[click the link, this project is so awesome]]
little C was expecting chocolate chip pancakes because that was on the menu at Selma, so we ended up at Afternoon Delight..

she had a ‘tude when we sat down.. perhaps she’s taking after her Auntie, I get so grumpy when I’m hungry.

we played dress-up while we impatiently waited..

hands poised as if she’s casting a spell.. invoking her mama’s hands to move faster

the weather is simply awesome today, we walked around a bit after breakfast and i had a flashback to summer a few years ago when I lived in Ann Arbor..

after most of the students leave in May, Ann Arborites adopt a slightly slower pace. Parking is easier to come by, coffee shops are much quieter and welcoming, sidewalk and patio seating is available nearly everywhere.. even while working all summer, I felt like I was on vacation..

[[oh my goodness i’m sitting in the Ann Arbor Library and I was just asked out on a date by a man who must have been in his late 60s… really?? REALLY? with that.. I’m outta here..]]


i’ve been daydreaming and nightdreaming about this beach

while walking on this beach

i’ve been oversleeping, constantly running 15 minutes late..

i’ve been drinking a lot of this

while doing lots of this

i showed my pops some good, local eats

and passed this building 10 too many times

i’ve been hanging out with this little bunny

and these big smelly bunnies

oh and i’ve colored more princesses than my feminist-leaning self can properly handle..

all photos via Instagram

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