a break

if i can pull this off every three months, i’ll be in good shape.

see you soon, pacific.


some favorites.

it seems like i’m rarely on this side of the polaroid. i’m obviously a little rough around the edges after our last night at the beach, but thanks amber.

film troubles, but this one still came out as one of my favorites. (PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S OF KATEY & JORIE):

intense winds ripped the backing off of two (2!) shots before i took this one:

i myself nearly fell off of the railing with a few gusts (what kind of idiot stands on a railing at Vista House on the most blustery day she’s ever seen?)..i think i would’ve broken a little more than my camera.


and this one was the ONE. serendipity, a happy accident. waterfall & log cabin.


my sister’s really-awesome-i-wish-he-lived-here boyfriend is returning to London today and we’re all pretty bummed about it so i thought i’d post the last little bits of our June trip.

he surely won’t be returning to sunny days like these, but London probably trumps southeastern Michigan on most days. (for example, i hear they actually have snow right now.. what is with this weather??? pseudo-springtime is freaking me out)

These were taken last summer at a giant concert at Hyde Park in London. It was a chilly June day and I remember taking cover under a tree just prior to the gates opening. Don’t fret, we had whiskey and gin to keep us warm.

The Vaccines, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, and Arcade Fire played. I’m not a huge fan of outdoor venues, but the line-up made it worthwhile. More photos to come perhaps..